Home Watch Services Checklist

Looking for a reliable partner to safeguard your Florida Keys property? Elite Property Management offers unparalleled home watch services to keep your investment secure and your mind at ease. Trust us to be your eyes and ears when you’re away, ensuring your home is in good hands. Rest assured that we will provide clear and reliable communication with regular checkups to your vacation home. Reach out to us today for premium property protection!

The checklists below outline our basic home watch services:

home watch checklist

Property Interior:

(included but not limited to)

  • Alarms, unusual sound or odor noted and reported
  • Thermostat settings and current conditions recorded
  • HVAC (air conditioning or heat) system tested
  • Air Filters checked
  • Main or secondary water valve checked and position recorded
  • Water heater and recirculation pump checked (note status and if any leaks)
  • Electrical breaker panel(s) checked
  • All faucets run and toilets flushed
  • Garbage/sink disposal tested
  • Refrigerator, ice maker and ice bin checked
  • Doors and windows locked and status checked
  • Ceilings, walls and floors checked for abnormal conditions
  • Signs of pest infestation noted
  • Security system status checked
  • Vehicle checked (if applicable)
    • Battery maintainer checked
    • Tires, leaking fluids or other conditions checked
    • Engine run (if requested by client)

Property Exterior:

(included but not limited to)

  • Mail checked and handled according to client’s specific instructions
  • Newspapers, flyers removed and packages brought indoors
  • Check for damages or signs of vandalism
  • Gates, garage door, doors and windows checked
  • Landscaping checked for general appearance and issues
  • Perimeter wall and fences checked
  • Pool/spa checked (if applicable)
    • Pool cleanliness, water level and appearance checked
    • Pump/filter checked for any visible leaks/noises
    • Skimmer checked for debris and water flow
  • Other buildings or structures, porches, lanais, patio areas (ceiling, walls, floor, screening checked
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